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A debug tool for Embedded Linux

JTAGER is a simple embedded system debugger running under linux host by the JTAG emulators. The debug operations that JTAGER can do are very simple and basic, which includes: 1) read or write the CPU core registers of the embedded target board based on ARM7TDMI core, 2) read or write the external device registers of the target board, 3) read or write the RAM on the target board, 4) read or write the solid storage device on the target board, such as flash memory.

You can see the features page to get the details about the hardwares supported by JTAGER.

I extremely hope that JTAGER supports more kinds of CPU cores, more types of JTAG emulators and more kinds of flash chips. However, I am restricted by our limited hardware conditions. So, anyone is welcome to give his (her) contributions to the development of JTAGER.

JTAGER has full documentation, which includes the user manual document and the internals document. JTAGER users please read <<JTAGER User Manual>> carefully before you do anything. For JTAGER's developers or those who want to join in the developement, please read <<JTAGER Internals>> carelly. Becuase the author's english is very poor, so you are welcome to re-write these documents better.



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