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  • 2004-10-17, jtager-0.3.0 released
    ARM9TDMI core and ARM920T core is supported by JTAGER, now.

    JTAGER configuration file is added to config JTAGER program.

    the Changelog are available here.

  • 2004-09-26, jtager-0.2.0 released
    Jtager-0.2.0 is released. This release truely implements the restart() function for ARM7TDMI core, re-write the whole command line interface, re-write the MTD module in JTAGER, and update the <<JTAGER User Manual>> (English Version).

    The new command line interface splits the old mem command into six memory-type commands: memcmp, memcpy, memcsum, memdump, memset and memtest. And the old flash command is split into three flash-type commands: flprobe, flerase and flwrite.

    the Changelog are available here.

  • 2003-11-14, jtager-0.1.0 released
    This is the initial release of jtager. It supports any processors based on ARM7TDMI core, and Macriagor Wiggler-compatible JTAG dongle. Jtager can read/write the memory space on the target machine, read/write the flash memory space on the target machine. Currently it supports the SST39VF160.

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